Japanese Cooking/Baking Lesson

Japanese Bread Baking Lesson

Experience learning how to make Japanese food, such as sushi roll, Gyoza, and Okonomiyaki. Baking Japanese fluffy bread class is now very popular for people from overseas. You can also try to make Wagashi, Japanese confectionary, or matcha flavored sweets making.

While you are visiting Japan, try something more than just a sightseeing, and feel like having your family here. Bring the easy, tasty, useful recipe back to your country, and enjoy baking!


Thank you Miki! We really learned a lot from you. When we come back to Japan we will definitely do another one of your classes…

Bread experience /from Australia

Thank you so much for having us! We had a wonderful time with you teaching us melopan and curry pan. Thank you so much for taking these pictures and giving us a great memory on our honeymoon!

Hi Miki!! Thank you for teaching us, it was a lot of fun! We are honored to meet you as well!
I will be sure to share pictures when we cook with you. Thanks again


Cooking Japanese food

sushi roll(flower deco/ California) Sushi ball

Sushi cake, Bento box

Baking Japanese style Bread

Melon pan
Sausage roll
Ham roll
Cream bun


Nerikiri                Matcha flavored sweets


MikiWatanabe cooking English  Hi! I’m Miki, an instructor of cooking in English lesson. I am a mom of 4 kids and have my own English school for kids and moms here. With years of experience as a cooking instructor, I started teaching cooking and baking for travelers in 2016.

As I experienced traveling to other countries, I found myself not quite happy with unfamiliar places. I sometimes visited my friends, and had enjoyed meals together.

To make a trip better memory for someone who visits Japan, I am willing to share the Japanese original recipes  and tips on hand to help you recreate the recipes back home.

Please feel free to ask any questions, or request what you would like to try. I am looking forward to cooking with you.


Durations: 2hrs (11:30-13:30)

Access: Toei-shinjuku line Higashi-Ojima station
*Approx. 30 minutes from Shinjuku

Participants Guests: up to 4 people
Age: Any

9,000yen/person (Adults 12+)
4,500yen/person (Children)
*If you can share the amount for 1 person with a children, it will be free for a child. (1child / 1adult)

Cancelation policy:
We are unable to refund cancellations made after 10 days prior to your reserved date.

Free Pick Up Service
Free pick up available at the Higashi-Ojima station
(At the bus terminal out of Ojima-exit)